What’s your summer goal?

We named our studio “The Yoga Harbor” for this simple idea: “A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.” (William G. T. Shedd) We want all who enter our doors to know this is a space to take shelter and to recharge.  But, while safety is necessary, it is not more than necessary. Our goal is to support you in all the things you do that are more than necessary. We want you to walk out into the world ready to connect, share, give, work, think, inspire, and love.
When I think of those words, I see someone living in the flow of life, allowing these tasks to arise spontaneously. This is what we mean with our motto: “Go with the flow.” The more we support our safety and wellbeing through our practice, the more we can go out into the world and relate with it intimately, honestly, and fluidly.
One year ago, Reid and I sold our ranch in Pasadena to move back to the beach. We made this decision spontaneously but with a deep knowing it was right for us. Our goals for 2016 were to sell our home, to move to the beach, to irradiate my thyroid, and to open the doors here. We checked them all of, and before we’d even bought a sofa for our living room, we purchased our twin paddle boards. People have started asking me, “What’s the next goal?”
Well, for now, the next goal is to enjoy the heck out of this summer. It is to get on our boards as often as we can, to spend time breathing, practicing, and being our community here, and to be in the flow of life without an agenda. We’ve taken care of the necessary things so that we may put our attention on the things that are more than necessary.
In support of this goal for us and for you, our summer schedule offers opportunities for you to restore, renew, connect, and go enjoy the heck out of the summer!