How do you Hold Your Children?

It pains me to admit I’ve felt tremendous tension with my older daughter recently. We’ve had a bumpy season, not quite striking our balance between lazy time at home and structured time away. We’ve grown bored and quite sick of one another. And, I’ve been holding onto a vice grip of managing her behavior so […]

Why B Vitamins? (Bonus: recipe!)

About three years ago, I went on what has come to be the cliche modern stay-at-home-mom trip … the literal mushroom trip. I started taking microdose capsules every few days to elevate my mood and get beyond my multi-year post-partum funk. I will tell you: I felt fantastic. But, after about 4 months, I realized […]

Field trip: The Ecology Center

Location: 32701 Alipaz St, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675Website: of trip: educational, nature immersive, playful! A few years ago, we started a tradition of “field trip Friday.” We like to stay local on the weekends, ideally not even getting in the car. Friday is a chance to bust the bubble for us, strike out […]