About Bethany

I am a writer by training, a yoga therapist by trade, and a homeschool mom by choice. I wear many hats.

My hats all fit on a head slightly too small for my 6′ tall body. But, my tiny head has always done the job of dreaming up my next big idea. I’ve dreamt of yoga studios, motherhood, and houses by the sea. I’ve dreamt of writing beautiful books, living simple days, and restoring the heart of our communities. All my dreams start at home, where I hang my many hats. Welcome to a glimpse of my life-giving home.

I believe who I am is more important than my credentials. But, here are some credentials:

Certified Lactation Education Specialist (BreastfeedLA)

Certified Post Partum Doula (Ayurvedic Mamas)

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (InsightLA)

500+-hour ERYT (various)

Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher (Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health)

BS History, Writing, Interdisciplinary Humanities (Washington University in St. Louis)