Ayurvedic Tools for Covid Healing

We knew it was only a matter of time until our house was finally hit with Covid; in Los Angeles, like most of the world, it was in the air in early 2022. I’m thankful we survived our holiday season. We did not survive the return to school. Last weekend, while gardening, my daughter couldn’t decide if she was hot or cold, and I knew what we’d be dealing with.

Truthfully, I’ve been bold in the face of Covid. I’ve tried to continue our family’s life, reasonably, with no real mention of the virus or adaptations other than the obvious. We avoided sick people and crowded indoor spaces. We wore masks when it was the rule. We washed our hands like normal people should. Our life was already heavily oriented to the outdoors, and we enjoy abundant good weather in Southern California. We didn’t get sick. Until we did.

I’d hoped I’d be one of those people who hardly noticed I was sick. I downed the supplements, vitamins, and liquids I know to be good for my immune system.

But I noticed I was sick. It was impossible to miss.

When I was about 39 weeks pregnant with my second daughter, I developed a horrible cold and hacking cough. My doctor told me I wouldn’t likely go into labor until I healed (she was right), and that colds typically take 7-14 days to heal, with some symptoms lingering longer (she was also right). So, at 42 weeks, when I finally went into labor, my nurses brought me some Robitussin in addition to jello cups. I couldn’t have Googled, “How to get rid of a cold quickly” “How to make a cold pass faster” “How to shorten a cold” or any other manner of questions more times in those 3 weeks.

Simply: you can’t shorten colds. They last 7-14 days. Covid is a cold.

It’s gonna take awhile to go away. But, there’s a lot you can do to improve the quality of your life while you await its passing.

Eat for Recovery

  • Drink lots of bone broth for hydration (you need fat to hydrate properly) and gut support (Covid affects your GI tract)
  • Eat cooked vegetables. Raw vegetables are hard to digest, often leaving you without many of the potential vitamins. Sautee greens and stew heartier veggies.
  • Legumes are difficult to digest, and it’s best to take it easy on your belly. This also means no raw nuts, peanuts or peanut butter.
  • Include smart use of meats. If you do eat meat, this is a good time to incorporate high-quality red meat into your diet to replenish minerals. Go for small, lean cuts of wild game or grass-fed, grass-finished livestock.
  • Avoid dairy, sugar, and refined carbohydrates (duh)
  • Green tea is a great option if you need some caffeine. It’s more hydrating than coffee.
  • Easy to find Ayurvedic spices for Covid symptoms include:
    • Ginger
    • Turmeric
    • Cinnamon
    • Cardamom

Rest Smart

Stomping foam paint into an old bed sheet. After this, I sent them to the hose spicket to wash up, and that gave me another 30 minutes to sit in the sun.

I didn’t have the luxury of days in bed. With two toddlers home from school, I was up and at it early. But, even my little kids could understand that being sick meant extra rest for Mom. Anytime my kids were happily at play, I put my feet up and sipped tea.

Screens are energy deplete-rs, for your entire home, including your kids. As tempting as it is to let it be “movie day,” try to find a plot of grass to sit in instead. This is particularly true if you’re experiencing body aches; sitting on the couch will only exacerbate your symptoms.

Sunlight and fresh air reduce congestion and depression. Setting up indoor toys in the yard or on the patio can provide hours of interesting play. I also love outdoor sensory bins when I’m low energy. My kids dig, scoop, pour and play while I sit on a lawn chair and breathe.


Meditation can significantly improve quality of life when we are experiencing illness. (It’s even been studied by the NIH for this purpose.)

Incorporate daily Yoga Nidra.