Healing Starts at Home

My yoga therapy practice focuses on nourishing a woman’s nervous system, balancing stress response, inflammation, rest/wake cycles, and overall anxiety levels. I am a certified Ayurvedic Post Partum Doula, Certified Lactation Educator (CLES), and am trained in a variety of bodywork modalities to nourish your nervous system.


Nervous System Support Sessions

This hands-on technique uses yoga postures, breath work and guided meditation to prepare your body for a deep state of rest.

In a 75-minute session, you can expect to spend at least half the time receiving therapeutic bodywork in the Ayurvedic tradition of Abhyanga and through assisted yoga stretching.

This treatment is non-invasive, deeply relaxing, and promotes overall wellbeing by stimulating your Vagus Nerve/parasympathetic system, balancing stress hormones and leading to a state of greater ease.

Transparent Pricing:

  • $175 for single session + travel
  • $750 for 5-pack + travel
  • $150 for single session at my home studio
  • $600 for 5-pack at my home studio

Post Partum Care

I work with women in the first 6 weeks post birth to optimize the home for healing. The foundation of our work lies in the pillars of self-care: rest, nutrition, and movement.
  • Rest – I offer home healing sessions using Abyangha and cupping to promote a deep state of rest, regardless of your current sleep schedule.
  • Nutrition – I provide fresh, individualized, Ayurvedically-sound meals specifically designed for the first 6 weeks post partum.
  • Movement – As you heal, we will add in the foundations of post partum movement, moving toward a full recovery from your labor, delivery or early parenthood experience.