Retreat Together

The Co-Constructed Retreat
March 22 - 24 in Topanga Canyon

Join me in co-constructing this canyon living getaway.

This is a retreat like no other. You actively participate in the planning and creation of this weekend. Together, we learn and expand ourselves, all while having the major details handled.

This is a chance for you to join four other women to expand your mind with:

  • Daily hiking
  • Forest bathing (literally and figuratively)
  • Deep conversation
  • Delicious food
  • Pottery class
  • Optional wine, THC, psychedelics
  • Sacred circles & movement experiences


  • $550 for queen bed in a private room, $475 for twin bed in a shared room. $300 for the sofa pullout!
  • Includes lodging and yoga, hikes, pottery class. Does not include meals.
  • A grocery list will be provided and assigned based on group preferences. Each participant will share in the cost of groceries.
  • An evening out at a restaurant is planned, and each participant is responsible for her own cost.
  • At the end of the retreat, all costs from all participants are input to a spreadsheet, and any over or underpayments are reconciled.

Logistics: Topanga Canyon is approximately 1-1.5 hours from Los Angeles, adjacent to Malibu. It boasts abundant hiking, a creative and inspiring main street, and great energy. In March, we can expect a chance of rain and a guarantee of green mountains.

You actively participate in the trip, and all expenses are transparent and shared equally, with no built-in profit for “leaders.” Your participation may include:

  • Planning an event
  • Cooking a meal
  • Doing some dishes
  • Bringing along something enjoyable to share with the group
  • Giving someone else a ride
  • Simply showing up and being present! YOU are enough. As women, there are seasons of life where we simply need to be taken care of. If this is you right now, we got you!

Shoot me a text for immediate(ish) assistance: (424)337-0414