for a well-rested life

Good things take time. Welcome to The Harbor. Take all the time you need.

First Thursdays, 8-9pm @ Allomi Redondo Beach

1-on-1 Sessions

Mindfulness-based health sessions inclusive of functional movement, yoga postures, breath and mental exercises to build a balanced body and promote stress resiliency.

Recovery Visits

Meal delivery, bodywork and physical support for women during the transitions of fertility treatment, pregnancy loss, and post-partum healing.

Audio Meditations

The Yoga Harbor podcast features dozens of free recordings for you to practice yoga and meditation alongside Bethany.


The PERMA-V model and the 5 koshas

This is gonna be some pretty nerdy yoga philosophy/self-help stuff. I recently got into Seligman’s PERMA model of wellness (if you haven’t yet, check my newsletter on that here). When…

Life needs a chance to delight us

This weekend, I became the mother of a five year old. We offered to take my daughter to Disneyland on her birthday. She’s never been, so she didn’t know what…

Living Out of Sync

At age thirty-one, I didn’t know what to do with my days. I remember my husband telling me, “Just relax and enjoy yourself!” And I shot back, venom in my…

Recipe: Vata Balancing Root Vegetables

This could be a very ambitious post. I started my day preparing this dish, and in the meantime I’ve tried to find ways to correlate “vata balancing” with Western medical…