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We are Torrance’s neighborhood yoga school. We invite you to join us for a friendly practice, and we encourage you to deepen your inner experience with workshops, retreats, and trainings.

study with us

Operating as a true school, we offer ongoing yoga courses beyond a “200/500 hour” level training. Our course material is organized, comprehensive, non-dogmatic, and thoroughly researched. Our lead teachers are more than teachers; we are aspirants on the path toward understanding ourselves and life through the lens of yoga.

Upcoming courses include:

  • READY: Functional movement, not just anatomy. This 50-hour course offers a new way to talk about our bodies on the mat through 6 fundamental movement patterns. We demystify and debunk common yoga “cues” and instead promote true movement fluency. This is a great course if you are a yogi wanting to get to know your body better or a teacher looking for a new language to help you know your students better. Learn more.
  • DEDICATE: Discover your personal relationship with yoga. This 150-hour course brings the language of yoga to life in your every day practice. Upon completion of 1-week of study, you will receive your personal mantra and assignment to develop a sadhana (ritual) in your daily life. Learn more.

practice with us

  • We are yoga the way your yoga teacher practices yoga. Strength-building, stress-reducing, deep-stretching yoga that doesn’t wear your body down.
  • We are in love with flow yoga, from the vibe-ing music to the rhythmic breath. But, we are born from the idea that flow yoga doesn’t have to be an aerobics class. We’re here to move your joints and leave you feeling accomplished but not punished.
  • We are a true boutique, neighborhood studio, committed to providing a community to our members

get on board!

You’re one click away from meeting us on the mat. We can’t wait to say hello!

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