for a well-rested life

Good things take time. Welcome to The Harbor. Take all the time you need.

1-on-1 Sessions

Bethany specializes in mindfulness-based health, particularly for women and mothers. In a private session, you will explore postures, breath and mental exercises to promote stress resiliency.

Recovery Visits

Bethany delivers balanced, nourishing meals for womyn in the first 42 days after childbirth. These meals accelerate recovery, reduce mood disorders, and promote a healthy home for mom and baby.

Audio Meditations

The Yoga Harbor podcast features dozens of free recordings for you to practice meditating alongside Bethany.

Mother-Child Attunement Based Playgroup

Coming this Summer, join a group of mothers for coffe, dharma talk, and play. Children will receive access to a supervised playroom, mamas will receive a chance to grow, learn, give and receive support.

Playgroup is held in a mindful playspace in Redondo Beach. This is a chance to separate (a bit) from your children while you connect with community. Your children remain on-site, just across the room and behind a glass wall, while you work on yourself.

Best suited for children ages 18months – 6years. Limited to 8 children & their mothers.*

*As this work heavily relates to the mother-child bond, it is limited to mothers. However, this group is open to all mothers regardless of birthing status and gender identity.

Torrance Meditation

If you’re writing out a birth plan, you need to be writing out a postpartum care plan. I can help you prepare your home for the arrival of your child, whether it is your first or your fifth. Postpartum plans involve the five key needs of the mother:

  • Nutrition for energetic recovery
  • Planning for rest
  • Incorporating breath and meditation for mood support and the prevention of mood disorder
  • Yoga and bodywork for pain relief and physical recovery
  • Nervous system support to solidify your attachment and caregiving


As a post partum doula and lactation educator, I can help you plan for your needs in the first forty days. You will have the tools and support to be an attuned, present caregiver while you heal and transition through the fourth trimester.

About The Harbor

About Bethany:

Bethany helps households reclaim the power of rest. With extensive yoga training, mindfulness-based stress reduction, the neuroscience of meditation, polyvagal nerve theory and application, and a classical education in communication and writing, Bethany brings all of herself to every session. 

Bethany is a certified Ayurvedic Post Partum Doula and Certified Lactation Educator working toward an IBCLC credential.

As the mother of two young children, Bethany lives the talk of vibrant self-care, slow living, and a family life rooted in presence.

Bethany’s Services:

Bethany has worked in yoga, meditation and mindfulness services for over 15 years. She founded and operated The Yoga Harbor, a community yoga studio, from 2016-2020. She now operates exclusively in private practice. Her services include:

  • Private yoga and stress management classes
  • Virtual yoga and meditation recordings
  • Corporate and group “burnout prevention” sessions
  • Mindfulness-based maternal support
  • Postpartum recovery services