where women rest

We invite you to connect to yourself, your family, and the women around you as you find a more restful, balanced, vibrant life.

Small Group Wellness

Caring for one another is the most treasured aspect of our community. Our intimate, topic-based motivational groups grant you the freedom to rest while motivating you in your work.

On-Demand Wellness Videos

You can make time for yourself daily. For $28/month, gain access to our hundreds of classes, movement guides, calendars and downloads.

Virtual & Outdoor Classes

Drop in for a class. Beginning January 2021, all classes will be hosted by donation. Until then, make the most of your class package with us!

Make Rest a Priority

Rest is anything that promotes your de-stress response and helps give you energy for the tasks ahead of you. Our classes put stress relief first. All challenge and sweat is a side benefit to the bigger goal of restoration.

Join this closed group as we enter the new year together focused on restorative movement practices

  • Tuesdays in January/February, 7:30pm
  • Work with home massage techniques to relieve tension and pain and promote stress relief
  • Each session includes movement, meditation, discussion and journaling
  • This group accepts 10 members. Each session is recorded in the case of a necessary absence.

About our studio:

What Makes Us Different:

You can be another body in the room at any fitness and wellness class. You may keep showing up, or you may disappear with very little connection.

The Yoga Harbor brings women together. Here, you are more than a number in a class. You are a person invited to harbor, to be supported and sheltered until you head back out into your life. Through personalized and small-group sessions, we help women show up in life from a place of fullness and balance.

Our Services:

We offer services to support you – women – so you have enough energy to meet and enjoy the demands of your life. Our services include:

  • Small group wellness courses
  • Corporate wellness programs
  • On-demand wellness videos
  • 1-on-1 wellness design