healing starts at home

Home is where you can be at rest and prepare to launch, and relaunch again and again, as your best self. For nearly two decades, I’ve been studying and honoring practices that restore the heart of the home. Welcome in.


Your first home is in your body. I offer embodiment practices inclusive of yoga, meditation, Ayurvedic massage and breath work to restore your relationship with your body.


Your second home is where you spend your time, and it should be time well spent. I practice "kitchen healing," inclusive of meal delivery to restore your nervous system and cooking experiences to help you serve and nourish those you love.


Your highest home is Universal, where you gather your inspiration and seek the deepest levels of connection. For me, I access this home through creative practices like writing, retreating, fiber arts, and all the connected experiences I can pack into life.

How do you Hold Your Children?

It pains me to admit I’ve felt tremendous tension with my older daughter recently. We’ve had a bumpy season, not quite striking our balance between lazy time at home and…

Why B Vitamins? (Bonus: recipe!)

About three years ago, I went on what has come to be the cliche modern stay-at-home-mom trip … the literal mushroom trip. I started taking microdose capsules every few days…

Field trip: The Ecology Center

Location: 32701 Alipaz St, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675Website: https://theecologycenter.org/Type of trip: educational, nature immersive, playful! A few years ago, we started a tradition of “field trip Friday.” We like…

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The information and advice provided on this site is non medical. With yoga, as with any form of physical fitness, an inherent risk of physical injury is present. You should consult your doctor prior to beginning a yoga regimen.