let your yoga take you further

We are Torrance’s neighborhood yoga school. We invite you to join us for a friendly practice, and¬†we encourage you to deepen your inner experience¬†with workshops, retreats, and trainings.

practice with us

  • Our mission: to create a community where there wasn’t one before. Physically, we built our studio in a run-down space in need of new life. We are the only community yoga studio in Torrance. Energetically, we invite yogis who feel they aren’t currently served by the yoga community. Come see what we’re all about.
  • We are yoga the way your yoga teacher practices yoga. Strength-building, stress-reducing, deep-stretching yoga that doesn’t wear your body down.
  • We are in love with flow yoga, from the vibe-ing music to the rhythmic breath. But, we are born from the idea that flow yoga doesn’t have to be an aerobics class. We’re here to move your joints and leave you feeling accomplished but not punished.
  • We are a true boutique, neighborhood studio, committed to providing a community to our members

get on board!

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