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First Meal Delivery

This service is ideal for any birthing woman wanting to set herself up for a comfortable landing back in her own body after delivery. These traditional recipes are custom-designed to support mood, digestion, energy recovery and healing post birth. Each bundle includes the use of herbs, teas and oil blends specific to a birthing woman’s needs.

Post-delivery bundle includes Mother’s Porridge, First Days Rice Pudding, digestive tea, mama support cookies, Recovery Stew + energy bites. First delivery of 2 days of food arrives to your birthing place. Second delivery arrives to your home upon your return. Package additionally includes 1 home visit for post partum bodywork, belly wrapping/wound care & lactation support. Makes a great gift!


1-on-1 Sessions

Mindfulness-based health sessions inclusive of functional movement, yoga postures, breath and mental exercises to build a balanced body and promote stress resiliency.

Recovery Visits

Meal delivery, bodywork and physical support for anyone in recovery (birth, surgery, illness, treatment, loss).

Audio Meditations

The Yoga Harbor podcast features dozens of free recordings for you to practice yoga and meditation alongside Bethany.


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Short, Simple Audio Yoga Classes

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