the writing

Bethany Henderson Eanes published her first poetry in sixth grade. After not getting a fine arts degree, she’s been recovering from imposter syndrome ever since, wavering between boldly publishing (sometimes really bad) essay online to sheepishly writing (sometimes really good) newsletters. Here’s her latest work.

You were an egg

This little book of poetic prose celebrates the cycles of nature. Intended for children and their families, this book is one you can come back to night-after-night, honoring the majesty of life.

Bethany Henderson Eanes
sort of, maybe, are any of us ever really sure we are an ... author

Other Projects

A Mother is Born

Write your birth stories, better. This book will help you heal from giving birth through the power of transformative narrative. In a series of 6 simple prompts, you will gain new insight and move beyond the facts of your birth experience. I leave you with the project of concisely, powerfully, getting the story down on the page so you can move beyond birth and into motherhood. This project is a little piece of my heart offered to women everywhere who are floundering through the post-baby days. Never underestimate the power of a great story.

Coming 2024

Master Your Class Plan

Prepare to teach yoga like a master. Over a decade of teaching at the highest levels, I relished in every opportunity to move energy through thoughtful sequencing, insightful philosophy, and transparent story telling. I also kept detailed journals and records of my class sequences, inspirations, and themes. I always knew these musings would be a piece of me I could give back to yoga … if I could only get around to editing them! This workbook will help you show up like a master for your next teaching appointment.

Coming 2024