How I Learned to Meditate

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Deciding to meditate is like deciding to “go on a diet.” It will take a tremendous amount of willpower, you’ll probably fall off the wagon, and you’ll likely reach a point when you call it quits. I’ve done a number of 10 day, 30 day, or… Read More »How I Learned to Meditate

Why I Meditate

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“I am thoroughly convinced the reason you married me is because I’m one person you think is right as often as you think you are.” That’s what my husband said to me yesterday after one of our sparring matches; we get into it, not necessarily… Read More »Why I Meditate

The Right Way to Goal Set

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People often ask, “What did you do before teaching yoga?” The honest answer? Not much. At least not much successfully. With a writing, history, and interdisciplinary humanities degree, I wasn’t exactly on an employment path when I left college. I took administrative, marketing, and sales… Read More »The Right Way to Goal Set