How I Learned to Meditate

Deciding to meditate is like deciding to “go on a diet.” It will take a tremendous amount of willpower, you’ll probably fall off the wagon, and you’ll likely reach a point when you call it quits. I’ve done a number of 10 day, 30 day, or even 12 week meditation commitments. I’ve made it through with […]

Why I Meditate

“I am thoroughly convinced the reason you married me is because I’m one person you think is right as often as you think you are.” That’s what my husband said to me yesterday after one of our sparring matches; we get into it, not necessarily fighting, but certainly arguing, at times to the point where […]

My Dad’s Thanksgiving Letter

Each year, my father writes one personal note to the associates he shares an office with. This year, his note fills me with joy, pride, and a knowing that I am – for better and worse and everything in between – my father’s daughter. His note is worth sharing: Being Needed written by Mark Henderson […]

Does my problem even matter in a world with so many (much bigger) problems?

On one particularly devastating day during my treatment for infertility, my father used that famous line: “If this is the worst problem you have, you’re doing better than 90 percent of the people out there.” I felt superfluously unheard and painfully misunderstood. Sure, I had a roof over my head, clothes on my body, the […]

Why we don’t say “manifest” at The Yoga Harbor

Part of being a leader is having a clearly defined vision, holding tight to it, and knowing how to let it evolve fluidly and responsively without compromising it. I’m working on the last part. Fluid and responsive is my aspiration. Furrowed and feisty is my default. If our vision was something like “make people sweaty,” it would […]

I Am Love: One boy's story of living with autism

Meet guest teacher Wendy Garafalo

I met Wendy very early in my yoga journey at what must have been one of my first 10 classes. She was subbing for another teacher, and I told my husband she was one of the most beautiful people I’d ever seen. This was sometime around 10 years ago, and I will say her beauty has only […]

Is yoga enough to keep me “fit?”

One of our students recently replaced her gym membership with a yoga membership. She naturally asked the question, “Is it enough?” From a sales perspective, I should of course say, “Yes! Spend all your money and time here!” But, there is a lot more to the story. A big part of the answer depends on […]

Mom Guilt

I experienced my first official bought of Mom Guilt today. I found out I went for a blood draw on a screening test two days too late. The lab now won’t run the test, so we will never know the results of this particular screening. I was devastated. I am responsible for this little one’s wellbeing – she’s […]

Get your own yoga mat (seriously)

We provide 3 complimentary “rentals” of our studio yoga mats to everyone who walks through our doors. We do this because, simply, everyone needs a hand from time-to-time. Maybe you don’t have your own mat the first time you come to practice, and maybe you just forgot it at home; in either case, we’re here […]

The best kind of hard work

One of my good friends once told me, “You are a very powerful manifester.” She meant it as a high compliment, so I took it that way. Kidding. I’m not good at taking things for what people mean. I scrutinize the language; one of my many mottos is, “Good intentions aren’t everything. You actually have to think […]