Wellness Support

Specializing in providing physical support for folks seeking a more grounded, relaxed, and pain-free life.

Nervous System Support
*virtual or in-person*

We often seek stress reduction when what we really need is better stress resiliency. My work offers direct, functional, meaningful tools to tone your nervous system, including:

  • Breath-work
  • Mindfulness and meditation practices rooted in neuroscience and polyvagal theory
  • Emotional literacy exercises
  • Use of nutrition, tea and herbs to balance your mood


This work is great for:

  • Complementing talk therapy / cognitive therapy
  • Reducing non-specific physical pain
  • Addressing chronic pain conditions such as headache, backache, etc.
  • Supporting an overall wellness journey (if you’re already working with a nutritionist, training for a marathon, starting acupunture, recovering from childbirth, on a fertility protocol, etc.)

1-on-1 Yoga & Bodywork

If your body needs extra care, a private yoga practice can deeply improve your quality of life. In a 60-minute session, you will use soft-tissue manipulation techniques, assisted stretches, breathwork, guided meditation, and dynamic yoga postures to feel fully supported and deeply rested.

This work is great for:

  • Targeting specific physical pain
  • Complementing injury treatment
  • Complementing a massage or acupuncture protocol
  • Reducing the negative effects of a modern lifestyle (tech time, burnout)
  • This is an in-person session held in a private yoga studio

Shoot me a text for immediate(ish) assistance: (424)337-0414