Wellness Support

Private Yoga Sessions
*virtual or in-person*

Physical support for folks seeking a more grounded, relaxed, pain-free life. Each yoga session combines two key elements: stress resiliency and functional movement.

Stress resiliency techniques may include bodywork, breathwork, meditation and movement aimed at the body’s nervous system to promote:

  • Healthy nervous system responses (HRV, parasympathetic boosts)
  • Balanced hormones (cortisol, adrenaline, epinephrine, etc.)


Functional movement targets specific physical imbalances using soft-tissue manipulation techniques, assisted stretches, and dynamic yoga postures to address:

  • Physical pain (acute and nonspecific)
  • Chronic conditions (chronic headache, backache, etc.)

Shoot me a text for immediate(ish) assistance: (424)337-0414