Outdoor Classroom Wish List

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Every person needs a sense of purpose and belonging. At Valmonte Farm & Garden, children and special needs adults find just that. By cultivating the farm, these important souls connect with nature, learn valuable skills, and practice mindfulness in an inclusive, sensory-rich setting.

We continue our mission of connection by constructing the first child-friendly outdoor classroom at Valmonte Farm & Garden. Thank you for your contribution.

We hope to reclaim or repurpose most of the items we need. We will only purchase a few select items, linked below. If you wish to help with one of those purchases, please donate directly to Valmonte Farm & Garden and make a note that your donation is for the outdoor classroom!

Here is our wish list:

  • Sensory table
    • Wooden scoops
    • Wooden bowls
  • Mud kitchen
    • Kitchen base – Already reclaimed!
    • Stainless steel mixing bowls
    • Stainless steel funnels
    • Stainless steel kettle
    • Stainless steel whisks
    • Stainless steel strainers
  • Children’s gardening bed
    • Child-safe trowels
    • Child-sized garden tools
  • Fort building invitation to play
    • Play silks
    • Play clips
    • Large stainless steel trash can
  • Loose parts invitation to play
    • Variety of baskets suitable for outdoor use
    • Clothespins
    • Scrap wood
  • Fairy house invitation to play
    • Main house – Already reclaimed!
    • Felt
    • Wool Roving
    • Peg dolls
  • Art area
    • Easel
    • Tempera (washable) paints
    • Empty canning jars / mason jars
  • Storage:
    • Waterproof storage bench
    • Tarps
    • Bungee cords