Group-Based Post Partum Support

Ayurvedic postpartum care provides physical and energetic support for new mothers, specifically in the first 42 days after birth. The goal is reestablishing a woman’s health and vitality and helping the entire home move slowly and peacefully through what is often the most vulnerable time in a family’s life. With a proper foundation in the first 42 days after birth, you will have a foundation for your vision of motherhood.

One of my core purposes as a human is “re-villaging,” or rebuilding the network of support we once relied on for physical and emotional wellbeing. By offering postpartum care in a group format, I can better facilitate the connections we need to thrive as mothers and – in turn – the connections our children need to thrive as they grow.

Scope of Services

The services provided will be non-medical. I will assist you with Ayurvedic healing, recovery and self-care measures; including:

  • Ayurvedic freshly prepared, individualized meals
  • Individualized use of herbs (included in foods, teas, etc.)
  • Yoga practices to support emotional, mental and physical recovery
  • Meditation & breath work to balance your energy
  • Post partum bodywork to restore your vibrancy
  • Breastfeeding support (certified Ayurvedic breastfeeding coach, Certified Lactation Educator (CLES))
  • Baby wearing support
  • Wound healing and care

Philosophy / Approach

My approach matters little compared to yours. I’m here to listen, offer expertise where appropriate, and support you on realizing your vision for motherhood. My philosophy is heavily colored by my yoga practice, which has included extended periods of silence and meditation. To me, slow living and meditation are keys to a fulfilling, healthy life. In the first 42 days after birth, slow living must include proper self care, nutrition, rest and meditation. I’m here to provide for your needs in these areas so you may enter motherhood with as much balance as possible.

Group Enrollment

Now Enrolling August / September Due Dates

Price: $1,500 for 6-weeks

  • Enrollment includes 6 weeks of service. Week 1 is each participant’s individual delivery date. Enrollment is limited to 6 mothers in a given two-month timeframe.
  • Contract required for enrollment
  • Delivered to mother’s home in glass storage containers with heating instructions
  • Weekly menu will be set based on seasonal ingredients, woman’s individual needs, and what’s brewing in the kitchen. All ingredients are organic, high-vibration foods, made in a loving kitchen, all from scratch in cast-iron cookware, with scraps composted to live gently with the Earth.

Services included:

Post delivery bundle (set menu)

  • Rice Congee (*first meal*), can be delivered to hospital or home, 4 servings
  • Birth recovery stew, 4 servings
  • Individualized herbal tea brew to support mood and rest

Sample weekly menu

Menu designed to provide proper nutrition for breakfast, lunch, and 2 snacks per day for approximately 4 days

  • Mother’s morning porridge, 4 servings
  • Roasted Vata grounding root vegetables, 4 servings
  • Post Partum grain bowl, 4 servings
  • Stewed fruits, 4 servings
  • Stuffed dates, 12 dates
  • Ojas balls (Ayurvedically prepared energy balls), 12 balls
  • Lactation / energy cookies, 24 cookies

Post-Partum Support Group:

  • 60-minute group sessions offered once/weekly in Hermosa Beach
  • Sessions include yoga, meditation, nervous system support and – as needed – lactation support, group discussions, and community
  • Group sessions are included for every woman currently being served
  • Babies welcome!

Optional add ons:

Yoga & Self-Care Session, starting at $200 + travel:

  • 1.5 hour visit made up of:
    • 60-minute session of Yoga, meditation, and Ayurvedic bodywork
    • 30 minutes of care for home & mother, miscellaneous needs and support may include light housework such as dishes, sheet change, laundry, organization, or errands

Holistic care session, starting at $300 + travel:

  • 3 hour visit made up of:
    • 75-minute session of Yoga, meditation, and Ayurvedic bodywork
    • Approx. 90 minutes of care for home & baby, miscellaneous needs and support may include light housework such as dishes, sheet change, laundry, organization, or errands