Our Team

Meet Bethany Henderson Eanes

Stewarding The Yoga Harbor through our first few years of life brings me deep personal pride. I was initiated into business ownership and motherhood – two things I’d ached to be for years – in the span of 12 months. I entered true “groundlessness,” trying to succeed in two areas where the only true path to success is through failure.

The Yoga Harbor did fail as a community yoga studio concept, along with 80% of the boutique fitness industry, during the COVID19 pandemic. This failure ushered in a new way of being for our studio and for me personally.

I focus my energy primarily on cultivating a connected life for my family, and I love spreading the Gospel of slow living to others. I gain new spark each time I connect 1-on-1 for stress management or wellness support, and you will see me smiling so much my face hurts (behind my mask) when I lead family mindfulness programming.

Your $8/month patronage to our on-demand videos allows me to continue this pursuit and serve our community.

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Meet Our Online Teachers

Meet Lisa Menard Schmahl

Lisa specializes in an intense yet intensely grounding flow. She has a gift for being both an insanely dedicated yogi and an insanely dedicated Star Wars nerd, allowing both her passion and her humor to come through in each class.

Find Lisa’s videos here

Meet Meagan Hurst

Meagan specializes in giving you that feeling of doing yoga with a friend. Her welcoming and mellow vibe is natural, and you feel comforted in her classes and in her presence.

Find Meagans’s videos here

Meet Stephanie Viola, Teacher

Stephanie hosts her yoga classes like she’s hosting a party. You are her guest, and her goal is for you to escape the monotony of your life for a few moments of true presence. Her flow is easy to follow, so you can turn off your thinking brain and just be with your breath.

Find Stephanies’s videos here

200-hour RYT, Holisitic Yoga Flow
300-hour RYT, YogaWorks

Meet Ashley Marie Olgado

Ashley is an old soul behind a genuinely joyful smile. You’ll find her Instagram feed full of poetry and her classes full of thoughtful design. She’ll show up with a plan to bring you fully into your practice, and you’ll leave feeling better.

Find Ashleys’s videos here