Sound Baths at The Yoga Harbor

Sound Baths at The Yoga Harbor

Friday evenings with Sharon, 4/12, 7/19, 10/11 from 7:30-9pm

$30 per individual workshop * $75 for all 3 * members save 20%

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Join Sharon on this restful journey through gentle yoga poses followed by deep relaxation. Sharon is a trained musician and yoga teacher, and blending sound + yoga + meditation is her passion. She will be your guide on this deep dive into your inner silence.


A Sound Healing is a unique experience using various instruments like gongs, singing bowls and chimes to invite deep levels of relaxation, healing, stress reduction and clarity into your life. Sound has a soothing influence on the various levels of human awareness – spiritual, mental, emotional and physical – encouraging balance and calm to wash over your entire being. Sound baths are a powerful way to balance the body and mind to continue on the path to a happy and healthy life. Benefits include relaxation, improved quality of sleep, and a reduction in stress and anxiety. – Sharon