How the (bleep) do you do that?

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Advanced Poses for Chickens and “Not Advanced” Yogis

with Lisa Menard Schmahl

Arm balances, inversions, deep-strength and super-bendy postures can frustrate and elude us all. But you don’t have to be deeply strong or super bendy to give them a try. In reality, all you need is an open mind and safe instruction.

If you have ever wondered, “How the (bleep) do I do that?,” this workshop series is for you. By learning the biomechanics—the how, why and what of advanced postures – you will enjoy a few moments worthy of Instagram. But don’t worry, we’re not taking pictures. We believe the poses are like feathers on a peacock. They demonstrate inner qualities but serve no purpose on their own. Because we approach the poses this way, you can, too, without any pressure, expectations, grasping or ego. Just try!

You can expect:

  • Discussion and demonstration of how the posture works, what skills it requires, and what inner qualities it demonstrates
  • Strength and mobility drills to prepare you for the posture in whatever variation you choose to explore
  • Preparatory stages and variations so you can feel successful exactly as you are today
  • All yogis are welcome, whether you want to refine your existing advanced posture practice or feel you are extremely “not advanced.” 

Schedule coming soon. Topics include:

  • Get into the Guts: This deep-core practice will teach elemental postures on the way to advanced poses. Refine and explore chaturunga – the foundational pose for balancing on your hands – to set a solid foundation for the weeks ahead.
  • Flying is for the Birds: Face your fears of leaving the nest in this arm balancing workshop.
  • Wait, That’s Upside Down: It’s time to invert. With the wall, without the wall, and even risking a fall. Lisa will keep you safe so you can explore your limits.