Virtual Studio

The Yoga Harbor is an intimate, boutique studio in Torrance, California, with a strong sense of community. Our goal is to connect you with a true community of yogis and teachers, not just an online platform. Our class schedule is currently a hybrid of online and in-person options, as health and safety standards are constantly changing. Join us in whatever capacity you can, but please join us!

What is a LIVESTREAM virtual class?

We have 2 types of LIVESTREAM classes:

  1. Classes that occur only in virtual format. Our teachers lead these from their homes, and they will address the camera directly often. You can ask questions, make requests, and enjoy interacting with them.
  2. Livestreams of our in-studio classes. You will see concurrent registration for livestreams of our in-studio classes. Our teachers will be engaging with students in the room while you get a bird’s eye view of the studio. Practice at your home, but get a glimpse of what’s occurring in person!

What is the On Demand Class Library?

  • You can purchase a membership through our “The Yoga Harbor” store (facilitated through MINDBODY) or through our “The Yoga Harbor at Home” store (facilitated by Vimeo). Buy your membership in either place, and get access to both!
  • The Yoga Harbor is your home base for LIVE classes. The Yoga Harbor at Home is our on-demand class library and your home base for recordings.
  • You will have logins to each. We will contact you with the login you need based on your method of purchase.