LIVE streaming class instructions

We have 2 types of LIVE streaming classes

  1. Classes that occur only in virtual format. Our teachers lead these from their homes, and they will address the camera directly often. You can ask questions, make requests, and enjoy interacting with them.
  2. Livestreams of our in-studio classes. You will see concurrent registration for livestreams of our in-studio classes. Our teachers will be engaging with students in the room while you get a bird’s eye view of the studio. Practice at your home, but get a glimpse of what’s occurring in person!

How to sign up and LIVESTREAM a class?

  1. Download Zoom on the device you will use to stream the class
  2. Create a Zoom account – FREE accounts work fine for this purpose
  3. Sign up for the class you’d like to join through MINDBODY
    1. You can do this directly with the MINDBODY App or website
    2. Or, navigate to The Yoga Harbor website, and select “Classes” from the menu
  4. Pay for class
    1. You will be prompted to pay if you do not have any classes available for use
    2. You may use any existing class passes to The Yoga Harbor
    3. Or, you may purchase a class for:
      1. $12 drop in price, you choose based on your ability to pay
      2. $28 Unlimited Virtual Membership
  5. Check for your confirmation
    1. You will immediately get an email from “FitGrid x The Yoga Harbor” confirming your class registration. 
    2. If you don’t see it, check your spam, and add “” to your address list
  6. Await your class link
    1. You’ll get a class link from FitGrid x The Yoga Harbor 1 hour before the LIVESTREAM class
    2. Just click the button that says “STREAM CLASS,” and your Zoom will open automatically

I want to take the class, but I can’t at that time. What should I do?

  1. If you pay per class, you only have access at the time it is offered. If you cannot make it, you will not be signed in, and your credit will remain in your account.
  2. Want the recording?
    1. Join as a Virtual Member, and you will receive access to recordings of all of our classes.
    2. Class recordings come available in our library approximately 2 days after they occur.

I didn’t get the class link. What should I do?

  1. Contact and let us know
  2. We will ask you a few questions to try to figure out the problem, and we usually can.
  3. Make sure you get the confirmation link from FitGrid immediately upon signing up. 
    1. The STREAM CLASS link arrives 1-hour before class, so we’re not always able to immediately respond to your issue if you don’t get the link. 
    2. If you let us know you did not receive the confirmation email, we should have plenty of time to advise you. 
  4. The most common problem is the email arriving in your Spam or Junk account. Remember to add “” to your address book.

I’m trying to sign up for class and being prompted to pay, but I have a membership. What should I do?

Check your credentials

You need 2 subscriptions with us. One gives you access to our LIVE classes through MINDBODY, and the second gives you access to our online video library. They are both included in your $28 membership. If you don’t have your login credentials to both, please contact us at

Nope, that didn’t solve the problem.

  1. Your membership does renew automatically each month.  
  2. The most common issue occurs when you’re trying to register for class before your membership has officially renewed.
    1. For example:
      1. It is May 27. 
      2. Your membership will renew on June 4.
      3. You try to sign up for a class on June 9.
      4. The computer will prompt you to pay, because you haven’t yet been charged for classes occurring after June 3.
  3. The solution is simple: wait until your membership renews, then sign up! Our online classes have a high capacity, so you will have no problem getting a spot.