Use the right tools

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I returned last night from a week-long trip to visit my family. Hollis met her great-grandmother, great-aunt, great-uncle, aunt, a second cousin, and two first cousins. She went to a luncheon, her grandfather’s workplace, the zoo, the pool, and the pickle ball courts. And she did it all with her best friend – Flapjack – in tow, as I flew him with us halfway across the country.
We returned home well after her bedtime thanks to a delayed flight. We arrived to a house full of messes, disorganization, overflowing and unpacked suitcases, needy cats, and general chaos. Then I got the alert reminding me I have to call in for jury duty starting tomorrow. Needless to say, I didn’t sleep much last night, and not just because my baby woke me up 10 times.
I tossed and turned with anxiety over my pending to-do list.
My friend recently told me, “The tools you use to get there are what you have when you get there.” So, if you use caffeine, obsession, and drive through your to-do list, you have a caffeine headache and exhaustion at the end. Instead, if you use ease and presence through your day, that’s what you have at the end of the day.
This week will be one with lots of problems to tackle. I’m hoping to use fluidity, humor, perspective and dedication to get through it all. I hope you can do the same.