Wellness Support

Specializing in providing physical support for folks seeking a more grounded, relaxed, and pain-free life.

Stress Management
*virtual or in-person*

If you are seeking the stress reducing benefits of a yoga and meditation practice, I can help. You complete a survey to help me understand your current stress environment, and we identify “LOW HANGING FRUIT” to maximize your wellness efforts. I design you a custom plan, and we meet up to see how it’s going.

This work is great for:

  • Complementing talk therapy / cognitive therapy
  • Reducing non-specific physical pain
  • Addressing chronic pain conditions such as headache, backache, etc.
  • Supporting an overall wellness journey (if you’re already working with a nutritionist, training for a marathon, starting acupunture, recovering from childbirth, on a fertility protocol, etc.)


1-on-1 Yoga & Bodywork

If your body needs extra care, assisted stretching can deeply improve your quality of life. In a 60-minute session, you will use soft-tissue manipulation techniques, assisted stretches, breathwork, guided meditation, and basic yoga postures to feel fully supported and deeply rested.

This work is great for:

  • Targeting specific physical pain
  • Complementing injury treatment
  • Complementing a massage or acupuncture protocol
  • Reducing the negative effects of the work-from-home environment (poor posture, fatigue, lack of physical vibrancy)


This is an in-person session held in a private environment. We follow all safety protocols for sanitation, face coverings, health screening, and occupancy.