Teacher Training 2020

Welcome to the 2020 Safe Harbor Yoga School 200-hour level yoga immersion and teacher training. We hope you find the answers to your questions here.

Please RSVP to one of our informational sessions so we can meet you in person and answer your questions in detail. You’ll get a chance to look at our manuals and materials, meet your teachers, chat about finances, and even get an extra $50 off your training.

November 2, 11am-12pm
December 7, 11am-12pm

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Guiding Philosophy

Our goal is to train true experts. To do this, we don’t present yoga from one narrow point of view or in a didactic/systematic way. Instead, we organize our training to be both conceptual and functional. Our trainees learn to ask the right questions, organize new knowledge on a solid foundation, and ultimately how to make their yoga practice and teaching work for their unique personhood. Your training will take part in both group sessions with your lead trainers and in smaller sessions with your mentor, giving you greater flexibility and more opportunities to embody what you are learning.

January 31 – May 31, 2020

Meeting Schedule

READY course (20 contact hours, 2 weekends)

Friday, January 31 & February 7, 7:30-9pm
Saturday &  Sunday, February 1/2 & 8/9, 11am – 3pm

Start your training by digging deep into functional anatomy. Throw out the flash cards and instead observe your own body and how it moves, learning physiology from an inquisitive perspective. We cover 6 fundamental principles of motion and alignment that will guide how you teach in the future but never limit you to one viewpoint.

This course may be applied as Continuing Education Hours for existing teachers

STEADY course (50 contact hours, 4 weekends)

Saturdays & Sundays, February 22/23, February 29/March 1, March 7/8, March 14/15
Saturdays 11am-6pm
Sundays 12pm – 5:30pm

Regardless of the style of yoga you’d like to practice or teach, learning to cue postures is essential to your success. This course teaches the fundamental postures of yoga according to our fundamental principles of motion. You will leave extremely confident in your ability to teach a pose based on your extensive comprehension of its origins, purpose, and modern interpretations. You will learn the basic salutation structures of classical yoga, setting the framework for a wide array of teaching possibilities.

FLOW course (20 contact hours, 2 weekends)

Friday, April 17 & 24, 7:30-9pm
Saturday &  Sunday, April 18/19, 25/26, 11am – 3pm

One of our signature courses, FLOW inspires you to create yoga sequences that make sense physically while inspiring students energetically, challenging them mentally, and fulfilling them creatively. You’ll learn to tap into your specific style, create sequence maps effectively, and plan your classes quickly and easily. If you do not intend to teach FLOW yoga, this course can be substituted for another. If you’re already teaching FLOW yoga, this course will set you free from predictable or boring teaching & help you innovate.

This course may be applied as Continuing Education Hours for existing teachers
This elective course may be substituted with another elective

LEARN course (20 contact hours, 2 weekends)

Friday, May 1 & 8, 7:30-9pm
Saturday &  Sunday, May 2/3, 9/10, 11am – 3pm

Philosophy is woven throughout our curriculum, but this course in particular breaks down the lineage of our modern yoga philosophy. We don’t hold one particular text or set of rules as most important. Instead, we trace the origins of yoga from the Vedas to the Sutras, understanding where the many viewpoints originate and evolve. This is a great weekend to participate in if you simply want to understand where yoga comes from. You will have a chance to discuss, debate, and explore the many paths toward a yogic lifestyle.

This course may be applied as Continuing Education Hours for existing teachers

Other Requirements

Over the course of the training, you will be required to complete these activities in order to receive a certification:

  • Mentorship: You will be assigned to one of 4 mentors. You can choose your mentor based on your needs and scheduling, attending this person’s class twice per week. You will meet with your mentor / fellow mentees for one hour per week to deepen your understanding of the classes you attended, ask questions, and receive feedback and guidance.
  • Practice teaching: You will teach a practice class twice per week and receive feedback. Practice teaching occurs Tuesday & Thursday mornings at 6:30am, Friday afternoons at 4pm, and Sundays at 11am. You select two of these classes to teach each week & receive feedback on your teaching. Scheduling may differ during weekends when training conflicts with practice teaching.
  • Graduation & practicum: You will present a final practicum May 16 or 23 and celebrate your achievements together!



  • Deposit due January 20 (covers the cost of mentorship, supplies, and all other requirements): $1,000
  • 20-hour course: $400
  • 50-hour course: $800

Pay up front:

$2,800 ($200 in savings) if paid in full prior to January 20
$2,600 ($400 in savings) if paid in full prior to January 1


We offer work/study opportunities to reduce the cost of training. If you have time available to give, this can be an option in order to provide for your yoga education.


Your lead trainers, Bethany, Abby and Lisa will be with you throughout the training, each guiding her own specialty. Your mentors offer additional perspective and guidance, inviting you into a bigger circle of perspectives and support.


  • Accredited by the Yoga Alliance and meeting all requirements for a 200-hour level Registered Yoga Teacher designation
  • Those who are not seeking designation may choose to take any or all of our electives without the additional teaching and mentorship requirements
  • You can get a head start by taking our “Becoming Naturally Therapeutic” or “Restorative” courses in 2019
  • Safe Harbor Yoga School was founded in 2017 by Bethany Eanes. Bethany has been training teachers for over a decade, and each year she encounters new obstacles leading to more solutions. This course uses mentorship to reduce the group contact hours required on weekends and deepen the embodiment element of the training. You’re going to do a lot of yoga. We like this, because yoga is meant to be practiced not just studied.