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About Us

Safe Harbor Yoga School is a passion driven, down-to-Earth approach to the serious study of yoga with a light-hearted vibe. Teachers trained in the Safe Harbor school are approachable, knowledgable, professional, and thoughtful.

Our school is open to anyone seeking to improve his, her, or their life through yoga; we are especially open to anyone seeking to improve other people’s lives through yoga.

Why Safe Harbor Yoga School?

The student-teacher relationship is a fundamental partnership; the quality of your education relies more on the success of this partnership than on the information itself. We believe students who can benefit from our teaching style will find us, and we are in the business of building lasting relationships with them.

You may be one of those students if you are drawn to honest, fluff-free yoga, presented in an organized and direct method. Come on over to our studio, get to know us, and discover for yourself whether our relationship is one that can enhance your life.

About Our Curriculum

Our goal is to train true experts. To do this, we don’t present yoga from one narrow point of view or in a didactic/systematic way. Instead, we organize our training to be both conceptual and functional. Our trainees learn to ask the right questions, organize new knowledge on a solid foundation, and ultimately how to make their yoga practice and teaching work for their unique personhood.

Yoga Alliance Teacher Trainings

Become a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher:

If you are ready to develop your skills to be an effective, inviting, and impactful teacher, we offer 200-hours of education qualifying you as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT).

Our training occurs in Modules, with four specific Modules for your 200-hour RYT designation: READY, STEADY, FLOW, and TEACH. These modules form a cohesive syllabus that prepares you to teach yoga from the day you receive your certification.

Become a 500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher:

Yoga is the ideal subject for anyone with a lifelong passion for learning; there is no limit to the array of subjects that can be viewed through the Yogic lens. Our 300-hour program aims to apply as many lenses as possible, rounding out your teaching and empowering you to be the very best for your students.

We require two specific modules for your 500-hour RYT designation: DEDICATE and COMMUNICATE. You then have the option to choose your own adventure, electing the modules that best suit your interest, schedule, and needs.

Ready to find out more?

Take a look at our course catalog to review our curriculum.
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