Post Partum Women’s Support

I am currently pursuing full certification as an Ayurvedic Post Partum Doula. I’ve been working with post-partum women for over a decade, but my own experiences as a mother and the support I received greatly informed and changed the support I offer.

I walk the walk in my own home. You will find me meditating with toddlers on my lap and a stew slow cooking on the stove. Our home is chaotic, creative and vibrant – there are often holes in the walls and ceilings, the children are usually partially clothes, and you will most definitely step on a Lego every time you visit – and I have learned to live slowly, peacefully, and easily in this beauty.

A typical session with me includes:

  • Assisted stretching
  • Post Partum yoga
  • Reiki & energy support
  • Guided meditation
  • Nutrition support
  • Baby-wearing help

You can expect me to arrive with two balanced, nourishing post-partum meals for you. We will sit and talk about your recovery and needs, and then I will custom design a 1-hour session of support. You will receive yoga, breath guidance, stretching, meditation and energy work. Your baby can be present throughout the session (I’ll even wear your baby for you so you can relax!).

This services is best one to two times per week for the first six weeks post partum. Each time we work together, I get to know what you need, offering you recordings and resources to help you rest more even when I’m not there!

Sessions start at $108 for one-hour of body work and meal delivery