May You Be Present

21 Classes in 1 Month

Add your name to our roster of yogis ready to be present this may!

This isn’t a yoga challenge. This is an invitation to an accountability community, equal parts hard work and surrender, and a commitment to be present. Are you ready to join us? Here’s how it works:

  • We accept 40 yogis into the annual commitment
  • You pay $99 for a month. Existing members can participate with no additional purchase.
  • You make the commitment to practice 21 times in 1 month.
  • We provide a month of presence-inspiring practices, fueled by extra long savasanas, and sprinkled with joyful opportunities to come together as a community.
  • At the end, you receive:
    • A super cool yoga party … because yoga parties are always the coolest parties
    • All the benefits of a consistent practice
    • Some TYH gear (a t-shirt or tank of your choice) to sport proudly
    • 20% off your next class purchase or membership payment

Are you on board? .

As a small-business owner and mother to a newborn, I’m constantly bouncing between one immediate need and the next. It is a cheap kind of presence. I want the other kind of presence. I want the luxurious presence in which I’m not just meeting the next need but immersed in it, embodying the experience. In my search for this, I’m joining the commitment. Yep, as my daughter turns 3 months, my husband works and travels, my bookkeeping constantly beckons, and my pets ask for my attention, I’m making space for my yoga mat. Are you? I hope so. ~ Bethany