Make people your priority

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At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is people & our relationships with them.
I hold fast to that truth. I have to hold fast to it, because very often my first or natural impulse is to prioritize other things. While I’m not one to prioritize material objects, I certainly tend to prioritize my need for control. It’s just as toxic a habit.
What do you prioritize over the people in your life? Do you make time to foster relationships that matter? Or, are you too busy, too controlling, too concentrated on other things to really give your attention to that which is most deserving of it?
Sometimes we excel at living by our priorities. Sometimes we falter.
Thankfully for me, the important people in my life forgive me when I falter. They stand by, waiting for me to give them my time and attention. Occasionally, they have to yell for it. But, the more I practice yoga, the less the people around me have to yell.
Few of my relationships have had more of an impact on me than my relationship with my first mentor and dear friend, Julie. Her magnetism roped me into the yogic lifestyle over a decade ago. When I drift, her magnetism is still there to pull me back. She has waited for me many times.
Coming to my mat with Julie is like coming home. I want to share the feeling. I couldn’t be happier to offer monthly, 2-hour master classes with someone who has so clearly mastered the subtle art of prioritizing people above all else.
Come join me on the mat to celebrate what we hold most high: time spent in the presence of others who understand, welcome, and wait for us.
PS: Yoga, too, is like a dear friend, always standing by and waiting for my return no matter how far I’ve traveled.