Finding your inner support system

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This week on the mat, we’ve worked on identifying the muscles that comprise the deepest layer of support for our posture.

We regularly hear about the psoas and transversus abdominus, but what about the multifidus and pectineus? When we are in a state of functions, these muscles work without our conscious engagement; unfortunately, many of us have dysfunctional inner support systems.

Yes, the double entendre is intended. When life is good, we don’t need strong inner support. When things are tough, though, if our internal support system isn’t functioning, we’ll require increasingly more external support in order to survive. We become exhausting to those around us, and our own stress and anxiety levels become unmanageable.

We’ll take on the discovery of our inner support emotional system with some practical tools, but today let’s look at how to discover those deep core muscles.

Here are a few tips to find those deep-down muscles on the mat: