Do you feel like you fit in?

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Dear friends and students,
I grew up in a refined suburb of Pittsburgh: Upper St. Clair. I spent Sundays at church followed by the Country Club, surrounded by my sisters, grandparents, and oh-so-many cousins. In many ways, it was an idyllic childhood. But the thing is: I never quite fit in.
I was always “too” something. As a child, I was too odd, then I quickly became far too tall. This was followed by a period of being way too skinny to fit my too tall body. Somedays I was too sad, others I was much too excited. I never stopped being too loud. I had too many opinions. My clothes were too out there, and I was way too unconcerned with feminine appearances. I was too bold, too brash, and most definitely too much.
Or was I?
If I could, I would go back in time and find that girl who never quite fit in. I’d tell her about a place called California, where she would never be too anything. I’d tell her there was a community of people who would accept her exactly as she is, welcome her home time-and-again, and fill her cup every day with support, belief, and love.
I’d tell her about yoga: the practice of coming back from too much and into the comfort of just enough. And I know, without one single doubt, that when I told her those things, the little girl inside of me would say, “I want everyone to have this! I want to share it with the world!”
As I search out teachers and staff for our little studio, I’m finding people on the same quest. We want the safety of knowing we belong. The Yoga Harbor is a place where you can do you, all of you, too much, too little, too sad, too happy, and hopefully – eventually – find that balance we all seek of just too good!
We can’t wait to show you what’s in store!