Recipe: Mexican Cabbage Soup

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I have recently discovered Natural World Market & Cafe in North Redondo Beach. In addition to being a low-waste supermarket, they’re helping to connect us to pure foods at a time when grocery shopping can be stressful. I ordered a produce box on Monday, and… Read More »Recipe: Mexican Cabbage Soup

Recipe: Stuffed Dates

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For six weeks after I had Hope, I had an Ayurvedic Post Partum Doula cooking my meals. And there were a lot of meals. Birthing a kid takes it out of you, and you need fuel to keep up breastfeeding. My doula introduced me to… Read More »Recipe: Stuffed Dates

FREE Yoga Class for “Work from Home” Bodies

We continue to build out and improve our technology to offer you virtual yoga. Until then, enjoy a complimentary recording of this class from Bethany led virtually to a group of people who are working from home this week. FREE 1-Hour Yoga Class

What’s Your Temperament?

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Is there one relationship you struggle with, leading you to believe it’s just a bad match? It probably is! But, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it a better one. I learned this year that infants have essentially 9 characteristics that define their temperament. That’s… Read More »What’s Your Temperament?