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Why and How Yoga Works

This week at Mommy & Me support group, our therapist shared the single-most important factor in raising successful children. Can you guess? It’s not enrichment education, healthy diet, effective discipline, attachment practices, or any of the usual suspects. The single most important factor is self-reflective parenting. When she said it, I thought, “Yea. Obvious.” Why? Children […]

Welcome Back

From a Buddhist point of view, losing our minds and building up our Selves is just another opportunity to come back to this present moment and rededicate ourselves to others, and our planet. – Waylon Lewis I’ve been out on maternity leave for nearly three months. In that time, I gave birth to an 8 […]

What is the secret to life?

When I went to my first wedding, I kept noticing the table centerpieces, creatively named after places where the bride and groom had special memories. I thought, “When I get married, I already know the perfect theme!” I wanted my wedding to be based on James Taylor’s songwriting, “The secret to life is enjoying the […]

Hollis’s Birth Story

It’s a big practice in the yoga world to share birth stories; many “celebrity” yogis get press highlights to share theirs. Throughout our pregnancy, and now with Holly at home, my primary feeling is one of protection. We’ve waited a long time to have this sacred experience, and I feel the need to keep it […]

Restorative Yoga + Sound Healing Workshop

Restorative Yoga + Sound Healing Workshop March 31, 2018 from 6-7:30pm at The Yoga Harbor $20 in advance, $25 drop in Register Now Of the many words I hope people use to describe me, there is one I know they would use even if I don’t like it: skeptical. I’m not a believe-first-ask-questions-later person. I’m […]

Black Metal Yoga Workshop: What’s it all about?

Black Metal Yoga Workshop April 7, 2018 from 6-7:30pm at The Yoga Harbor $20 in advance, $25 drop in Register Now I recently asked my husband what people who don’t practice yoga think of yoga. He thought about it and said, “That it makes you happy and good looking.” This isn’t necessarily a bad message to be […]

Torrance Meditation

2 Reasons Meditation Classes Are Scarce

Last night, I was building my puzzle, and Reid was perusing the Internet. He said, “Someone on this forum is asking for guided meditation classes in the South Bay. There are a lot of answers. Should I send them your way?” It’s a tricky question for me to answer. No, we don’t have many guided meditation […]

3 Best Books for Radical Transformation through Meditation

Yoga is my gateway drug, and meditation is my drug of choice. I deal in the former in hopes of getting people hooked on the latter. Like many people, I didn’t need my meditation fix when my life was easy. Meditation became my ritual in the years when my life was frustrating, stalled, and uncertain. That’s […]

Try This Instead of Making a Gratitude List

Yesterday, our teacher training group was discussing contentment. What do you do to be more content? The question caught us all a little off guard, as we realized an active contentment practice is something we should have but mostly don’t. One student asked, “Does being grateful help? How about thinking about people less fortunate than you […]

Don’t Let Go of the Story

If one more yoga teacher tells me to let go of what is no longer serving me, I may just have to let go of yoga itself. This phrase, though it sounds good, doesn’t carry the integrity of yoga nor valuable advice for any of us. It is in part based on the idea of […]