FREE Yoga Class for “Work from Home” Bodies

We continue to build out and improve our technology to offer you virtual yoga. Until then, enjoy a complimentary recording of this class from Bethany led virtually to a group of people who are working from home this week. FREE 1-Hour Yoga Class

Torrance Meditation

Hope’s Birth Story

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On August 4, Hope Sophia joined the world in the most uneventful of majorly eventful ways. I’m grateful for those words, because the weeks leading up to her birth were incredibly eventful. My mom was set to come care for Hollis starting a few days before… Read More »Hope’s Birth Story

What’s Your Temperament?

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Is there one relationship you struggle with, leading you to believe it’s just a bad match? It probably is! But, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it a better one. I learned this year that infants have essentially 9 characteristics that define their temperament. That’s… Read More »What’s Your Temperament?

Balance is bullshit

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Go hold a tree pose for 10 breaths. What do you feel? You’re wavering quite a bit; your ankles are quivering, your hips sway a bit side-to-side, you may even notice your whole body moves front-to-back. The illusion is that you are standing steady and… Read More »Balance is bullshit