Mom Guilt

I experienced my first official bought of Mom Guilt today. I found out I went for a blood draw on a screening test two days too late. The lab now won’t run the test, so we will never know the results of this particular screening. I was devastated.… Read More »Mom Guilt

The best kind of hard work

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One of my good friends once told me, “You are a very powerful manifester.” She meant it as a high compliment, so I took it that way. Kidding. I’m not good at taking things for what people mean. I scrutinize the language; one of my… Read More »The best kind of hard work

Wanna win? Buy a Ticket

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A man prayed to God every morning, “Please, let me win the lottery!” And every night, the winner was announced, and it wasn’t him. Day in and day out he prayed ardently, “Let me win the lottery! I’ll use the money for good!” And every… Read More »Wanna win? Buy a Ticket