Wanna win? Buy a Ticket

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A man prayed to God every morning, “Please, let me win the lottery!” And every night, the winner was announced, and it wasn’t him. Day in and day out he prayed ardently, “Let me win the lottery! I’ll use the money for good!” And every… Read More »Wanna win? Buy a Ticket

Back to (Yoga) School

Been taking a little break to enjoy the sunshine this summer? It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been off your mat for. All that matters is you hop back on. Preferably today. To encourage your journey back to your practice, we’ve got a great reward.… Read More »Back to (Yoga) School

Our Opening Announcement

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This email was sent to our close friends when we decided to open The Yoga Harbor on November 16, 2017. Dearest friends, You’ve probably noticed I’m sending this email from a new address. Well, it’s finally happened. I told Reid, “I think about opening a… Read More »Our Opening Announcement

Do you feel like you fit in?

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Dear friends and students, I grew up in a refined suburb of Pittsburgh: Upper St. Clair. I spent Sundays at church followed by the Country Club, surrounded by my sisters, grandparents, and oh-so-many cousins. In many ways, it was an idyllic childhood. But the thing is: I never quite… Read More »Do you feel like you fit in?

Happiness is an Outside Job

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Modern day self-helpers – of which I consider myself one – face a difficult Catch 22. On the one hand, we tell people happiness is an inside job, not at all dependent on circumstances or possessions. On the other, we tell people they’ll be happier if… Read More »Happiness is an Outside Job