Do you feel like you fit in?

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Dear friends and students, I grew up in a refined suburb of Pittsburgh: Upper St. Clair. I spent Sundays at church followed by the Country Club, surrounded by my sisters, grandparents, and oh-so-many cousins. In many ways, it was an idyllic childhood. But the thing is: I never quite… Read More »Do you feel like you fit in?

Happiness is an Outside Job

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Modern day self-helpers – of which I consider myself one – face a difficult Catch 22. On the one hand, we tell people happiness is an inside job, not at all dependent on circumstances or possessions. On the other, we tell people they’ll be happier if… Read More »Happiness is an Outside Job

Let go

We hear it: “Inhale the good shit, exhale the bullshit.” And we all laugh. It’s on coffee mugs, it’s in self-help books, it bookends yoga classes. This notion that ”letting go” means releasing negativity and holding on to love and light is at best silly and… Read More »Let go

Abandon Perfection

My dear friend and neighbor gifted me this rock from her travels to healing places of the country. I knew I wanted to use it in our studio design, and the inspiration struck one day after a long afternoon of physical labor. I would write… Read More »Abandon Perfection

The 1 Key to Health

Last month, we talked about getting started and trying something new. Welcome to yoga; it’s the best! Yoga will bolster your circulation, improve your joint health, regulate your blood pressure, build your bone density, increase your flexibility, and help you sleep. But none of it matters… Read More »The 1 Key to Health