Our Team

Bethany Henderson Eanes, Owner & Teacher

Ten years ago, my practice was a comfortable home where there were no limits. Then, something changed. In 2012, I was diagnosed with Graves’ Disease, a hyperactive thyroid auto-immune disease. Through several remissions, relapses, and courses of radiation, I found yoga much less comfortable.

Struggling helped me engage more honestly with myself and the world. I use this every time I teach, and my wish is always to break down yoga as ”perfection” or ”bliss” and instead aim for honesty and self-growth. I’m known for a down-to-Earth approach to the practice; you won’t find many platitudes here, and the practice I lead may be anything but typical. Through creative prop work and innovative sequencing, I aim to keep you interested by bringing you to your mat in continually new ways. I am sincerely unafraid to make you uncomfortable. Through this, I hope you will feel empowered to engage honestly not just with all the ”love and light” in the world but with the struggles and hard work that make you human.

Off the mat, you can find me putting my writing degree to use on The Yoga Harbor blog, eating breakfast burritos on the beach, hitting the ocean on twin SUPs with my husband, and taking endless photos of my pets.


500-Hour E-RYT, Trauma-Informed Teacher

Lisa Menard Schmahl, Teacher

Twenty years ago I chose meditation over anxiety medication. Yoga is a choice I still make daily. My journey of self discovery and healing greatly inform my teaching, as does my love of hard work and play. To me, class should be filled with fun, focus and learning. I’ve been teaching classes for 10 years, logged over 1,000 hours of training, and am 13th in the world to be YOGAMAZÉ Certified. I have a trained eye for alignment, a love of adjustments, and a passion for the practice. This is all evident in my classes. The only thing I love as much as my baby’s giggle, or husband’s smile, is the moment when I see a student truly get their worth.

I spent years living from a place of lack, and it was the strength I cultivated on my mat that lifted me out of that space. I will challenge, support, and honor you in whatever place you are, in hopes that you will see and honor your strength, beauty, and grace.

LisaMenardSchmahl.com * Facebook@LMSYoga * Instagram@LMSYoga


Lauren Ikeda, Teacher

I never thought in a million years I would be a yoga teacher, but here I am! I am in love with yoga and everything that comes along with it – from the stretchy yoga pants to feeling connected to the best version of myself. This love affair sparked my interest to teach. I now share that love with my students so you can explore you own journey through yoga on and off the mat

I believe yoga is for everyone and every body. I have a passion for working with students recovering from or living with injuries, body stiffness caused by stress, or conditions that affect your wellbeing. I also offer various ways for you to deepen your practice through special classes, workshops, and retreats.

My mission is to hold a space for my students to connect: to awareness in the physical body, to find mental clarity, to the quality of breath, to those around you, and to the most authentic version of yourself. The possibilities are limitless. My classes are fun, creative, and challenging while remaining accessible for students of all-levels.

www.laurenikeda.com * @laurenikeda

200-Hour E-RYT Corepower Yoga, YACEP

Abby Bassett, Teacher

I came to the practice of yoga in high school when a friend took me to a yoga class at the local library. I remember rolling around on the floor in Happy Baby thinking that yoga was the oddest “exercise” class ever. Yet, I found a peace in the experience and continued to chase it. After years of getting on (and off…) my mat as a result of a high-stress corporate job in New York, and a number of big life changes, I decided to pursue my 200-hour training in Austin, Texas. I moved to the Los Angeles area in 2017 and balance a full-time job with yoga teaching.
I teach accessible and enlightening flows. I am a storyteller at heart and interweave my practice with story. I emphasize finding safe ways to make all poses achievable by everyone. I believe that we don’t come to our mat to be good at yoga but to find a balance of peace of mind and physical ability. If you are tired of seeing perfect people do impossible yoga poses you’ve come to the right place.
yogafornormalpeople.com * @yogafornormalpeople

200-Hour RYT, Practice Yoga Austin

Jenna Faith, Teacher

I was always looking for something greater than myself and a way to devote my life to the service of others. I had practiced yoga as a teenager, but in 2012 I became enchanted by Jivamukti’s focus on spirituality and activism. I completed my training in 2013 under the guidance of founders Sharon Padma Gannon and David Life.
My classes are always personalized for any level of practitioner, with special attention to their needs, alignment, and the growth of the student’s personal practice. My complex, dynamically sequenced classes are set to meticulously crafted, uplifting musical soundtracks that deepen the inward experience of yogic union.
My personal daily practice of meditation, yoga, and pranayama is my lifeline to health, pain management and happiness.

JennaFaith.yoga * Facebook@JennaFaithYoga

800-Hour RYT, Jivamukti

Alissa Nelson, Teacher

I found yoga over a decade ago and first started teaching in 2014. Yoga and meditation have helped me to find balance between my type A overachiever personality and my desire to build a more inclusive society where all can achieve. I am deeply committed to ensuring the accessibility of yoga as a healing practice for all communities and strive to hold space that welcomes all bodies regardless of gender identity, body shape, ability, trauma history, or race.
I enjoy exploring poses and the different paths we can take to reach our expression of asana, making ample use of props to help the poses fit your body. Yoga initially helped me find relief from the stress of grad school, and I continued and deepened my practice after experiencing the power of yoga to help reintegrate my mind and body following trauma. I completed Yoga Tree’s 200-hour certification program in San Francisco and trained with teachers including Darren Main, Kerri Kelly, Dianne Bondy, Sean Haleen, Dina Amsterdam, and Rebecca Rogers. More than anything I learn from other students of this beautiful discipline.

alissanelson.com * @blackmetalyogi

200-hour RYT, Yoga Tree

Meagan Hurst, Teacher

I am a yoga instructor, photographer, social media manager, world traveler and owner of Malas With A Mission. I earned my BA in small business entrepreneurship and cinematography prior to becoming a registered yoga teacher, but I ultimately find my most valuable education has come from backpacking and volunteering throughout 29 different countries.
I love to explore new places and challenge myself, but home will always be California.
I teach yoga in the same way: building classes around exploring new places in the mind and body, but always staying rooted in the breath and foundations of yoga philosophy and alignment. I try to never takes teaching too seriously; you can expect some awkward jokes. I hope to push you to your edge and bring you back to center gently.

Stephanie Viola, Teacher

I started practicing yoga in 2005 because a co-worker started teaching at a nearby studio after work. I took her class to offer her support, and I wanted to know what the hype was about. When I left, I felt peaceful and clear all day.

Yoga became my constant. This led me to Lauren Eckstrom and Travis Eliot’s Holisitic Yoga Flow 200-Hour Teacher Training; I was still working full time as a marketing professional in digital advertising. Not for long. I left my job shortly after to pursue yoga exclusively. I completed my 300-Hour Teacher Training with YogaWorks and have taught as much as I can in every setting imaginable ever since.

My goal is to create a fun and compassionate yoga experience for students at every level. I believe yoga is about community and like to create an easy, comfortable environment to help forward those types of interactions. But, yea, sometimes you’ll work pretty hard to get there!

200-hour RYT, Holisitic Yoga Flow
300-hour RYT, YogaWorks

Victoria Postigo Palting, Teacher

Hi! I’m Victoria, former yoga skeptic turned full-on yoga teacher. I love to teach students lessons on the mat that they can use in everyday life.

I earned my B.S. in Chemistry from University of California, Berkeley, where I focused on pre-health classes to attend professional medical school. After earning my way into a physician assistant program, I decided to re-evaluate how exactly I wanted to craft my career and what my goals were in working with people.

My philosophy on teaching is this: we don’t do yoga for the sake of getting better at yoga; we do yoga to get better at life. When you practice with me, you can be sure that everything we do, from the postures to the breathing, has an intended purpose. The goal is to live a full life; strength and flexibility are the side effects. Let me worry about how the science, anatomy, and physiology weave together to form a practice that achieves real results; you just need to show up.

www.yogaskeptics.com * Facebook @yogaskeptics

200-Hour RYT Mukti Yoga School

Sharon Mettler, Teacher

My initial experience with yoga had been very limited; I had only ever tried to follow, along with 20 other rowdy teenagers, a yoga video tape in my required P.E. movement class.  I found my way back to yoga 10 years later when I took my first live yoga class. As challenging as the class was, I didn”t truly feel the benefits of the practice until savasana.  In those few minutes we all laid on the floor, I felt peaceful and clear. I went to yoga for the workout and left in love with the lifestyle.

200-hour RYT, Mukti Yoga School

Faye Raton, Teacher

I fell in love with yoga when I started to recognize the infinite layers I have within myself that I keep discovering every time I practice.

RYT 200, Mukti Yoga School

Reid & Flapjack Eanes, Co-Owners, Insurance Broker & Moral Support

Reid and I met while studying at Washington University in St. Louis. He convinced me to leave the comforts of small-town, Midwestern America and ship out to Los Angeles. Reid works as a corporate insurance broker specializing in Corporate Governance Risk, so we feel pretty darn good about our claims coverage. Despite how it may sound based on our careers, he is actually the Yin to my Yang. He offers sound business advice and reminds me to keep my head in the same place as my feet. While Reid does not claim to be a ”yogi,” his lotus pose has always been better than mine, and his chill is on a whole ‘nother level.

Flapjack is my service dog & best friend (it’s okay, Reid understands). For Flapjack’s part, he is a total natural with Up Dog and Frog Pose, and his ability to stay in the moment is something only a dog can achieve.

Rounding out our team, our cats, Jerome & Sebastian, are excellent at ruining our yoga mats. Our daughter, Hollis, is the reason we need so much Yoga Nidra.