Our Story

Our Vibe

We are a flow yoga studio, but we depart from the idea that flow yoga has to kick your butt in order to deliver benefits. We offer a lot of chill with a side of sweat. It is our hope you leave our classes feeling like, yea, you worked hard, but you also got a massage at the same time. (Take our vibe back to your house with our Spotify channel!)

Our Mission Statement

Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time and always start with the person nearest you. (It’s actually Mother Teresa’s Mission Statement, but why reinvent the wheel when someone has so clearly nailed it?

Our Core Values & Philosophies

  • We create a hometown refuge where every student feels known and valued. We will know your name, your goals and your challenges.
  • Each time we open our doors, we are hosting a party, and you are our guest. Be ready to be delighted!
  • Our teachers love coming to work. They are encouraged to be exactly who they are and offer what they feel called to share.We are active and committed members of our community, participating in local events, encouraging local development, and supporting our neighboring businesses.
  • We are always getting better. As a studio, as teachers and as people, we learn, grow and remain open to feedback.

How we came to be

About ten years ago, I was earning a living through marketing work for a handful of small businesses, one of which was a local yoga studio. That studio became my home.

There is no greater feeling than walking into the doors of your local yoga studio and knowing your day is about to get better. When I found that feeling for myself, I knew someday I wanted to create that feeling in a community that needs it. As it turns out, today is the day, and the community is yours. The Yoga Harbor is everything I love about a studio-based yoga community. It is my hope that The Yoga Harbor will become your home.


Bethany, Owner